XSellco – Content Overview

At XSellco, I was able to make an impact in a number of key areas throughout the organisation.

As product marketing manager, I was tasked with developing content around our 3 core products – Fusion, Price Manager & High5. I was responsible for developing internal and external marketing collateral for the various teams within the company, primarily sales and marketing. Through in-depth research, I provided competitor comparison sheets, industry insights and trends, as well as other key content resources that clearly positioned the key benefits and features of XSellco’s products.

I contributed to a number of key marketing tactics including inbound and content marketing, email / drip marketing, search marketing, social media and PR.

Content Creation

In my time at XSellco, I created a multitude of content types. These content pieces included multiple press releases, blog posts, product updates, in-app messaging and product tour copy, brochures, as well as how-to guides for new products and features. I managed the translations of key marketing collateral and press releases for the Italian, German and French marketplaces. I measured key KPIs such as pageviews, time on page, bounce rate, CTR, conversions, etc.

Sample list of created content:

Website messaging

I led XSellco through a successful relaunch of their website, coordinating all content and layout with the web designer. Using our Buyer Personas and researched information, I redeveloped the website copy for each product page to present the core product benefits and key statistical findings. (Click here to visit Website)


Buyer Personas

One of my key responsibilities when I joined XSellco was to get a better understanding of our customers and develop in-depth buyer personas for our 3 main products. My research activities included sending surveys to our customer base, as well as interviewing current and churned clients. I also talked with internal teams, such as sales and customer support, to get their insights and an understanding of how they viewed our customers. I presented to the CEO clearly established customer segments allowing me and our marketing and sales teams to refine our key messages.


Customer Onboarding

Another of my key responsibilities at XSellco was to measure and improve every touchpoint throughout the customer journey. This involved developing and utilising my UI (User Interface) and UX (customer experience) skills to make the journey as seamless as possible. I redeveloped the onboarding wizard for all 3 products. View the video below which displays the new 3 step process I developed for XSellco’s Price Manager product.

Product Tours

I also implemented a helpful new in-app product tour to the XSellco product range. The tour guides you around the application screen and provides detailed information on each important component on the screen. The tours could be accessed by clicking “Help” on the top right of each screen and selecting “Take a page tour” from the drop down menu.

Landing Pages

I was responsible for creating and developing sales copy for multiple landing pages using Unbounce. These pages were focused on improving lead generation and conversions. (Click here and here to see examples)

Press Releases

I created many press releases which featured in a number of publications. I was responsible for creating all the copy including quotes from the CEO. Below is a brief sample.



I hosted and contributed to the Currencies Direct guest webinar for XSellco (information available here).

This is just a small sample of my work. Due to copyright and contractual agreements, internal messaging and documents outlining competitive advantages cannot be shared online.