trakax- Content Overview

trakax was a video editing platform that made it easy for users to create great videos. Through various types of content, including support and ‘how-to’ videos, I enabled users with little or no video editing experience to turn their captured videos into compelling, interesting and fun movies.

The products had an established international reputation for innovation and ease of use.

trakax Blog Posts

Unfortunately, the trakax website was shut down and is no longer live and active. As a result, a lot of the copy and content material I created is no longer available. Despite this, I did publish a number of posts as a contributor on many other websites including Business2Community (click to access my author page).

Here’s a brief selection of my work which would have been found on the trakax blog.

Guest Posting

I also wrote many guest posts which appeared in a number of online publications.

trakax YouTube Channel

Although the website was shut down, the trakax YouTube channel is still live and provides an excellent insight into the video content I produced for the company. I produced a range of videos for both our Mobile app and desktop PC app. The types of videos created included marketing videos, how-to and support tutorials, as well as new feature update videos.

Here is an example of a short promo video I produced for our mobile application. When developing the script, I spent a lot of time focusing on the story and really trying to create an emotion that would connect with the audience.

trakax Resource Centre

The trakax mantra was always “Everyone can be creative, they just need the right tools”. In tandem with the software products, I created a range of resource areas to help customers create even better videos. We opened an invaluable communication channel with our users that built trust, awareness and loyalty to the trakax brand.

Home Users

Along with product support tutorials and videos, we addressed key questions that users had when starting out in video creation. These ranged from basic questions like “How do I edit my video clips?” to more complex questions like “What type of GoPro Videos get the most views?”

Small Business

As small businesses began to build their online presence, they were finding that authentic videos showing the people, skills, processes and stories behind their products and services were far more compelling than traditional ad-type videos. Our business resource area provided SMBs with inspiration, practical tips, case studies and articles to help them begin the process of creating their first video.



trakax realised that although teachers were keen to embrace the opportunities that video presented, they were often overwhelmed with their everyday jobs to begin this process. We wanted to give teachers the right resources to build interesting and stimulating classes. Combining inspiration with practical instructions, our lesson plans and blogs were designed with the busy teacher in mind.


Another key tactic I used to drive lead generation was to create eBooks that provided valuable information and tips to our customers. Some of these eBooks were gated which allowed us to grow our mailing list and allowed the sales team to qualify leads. Click the image to access the GoPro ebook.



Mailchimp Email Automation

Below you will find a link to an ’email automation campaign’ I formalised and measured using MailChimp. This campaign delivered a 15% increase in sales and led to a significant decrease in customer churn. Click the image to view the email copy.

Mailchimp Email Campaign

Social Media & Advertising

In my time at trakax, I managed the trakax Twitter and Facebook social accounts. This involved regularly updating each page with specific content designed for each channel. I came proficient with social media tools such as Hootsuite which allowed me to schedule tweets and posts for the each channel. I also used Canva, an online graphic design tool, to create specific graphics and images for each channel.

I was also responsible for developing advertising campaigns for both Facebook and Google Adwords. With regards to Facebook, I used their in-depth audience insights to target our advertising spend on key demographics and customer interests. Using Google Adwords, I developed our paid search campaigns (PPC). This involved identifying, targeting and measuring the effectiveness of our keywords while trying to increase the click-through-rate (CTR) and reducing the cost-per-click (CPC).

trakax Mobile

At trakax, I was the project manager for our trakax mobile application. This role involved close collaboration with our development team called Bytesnap which were based in Birmingham. My main tasks involved developing and designing the user flow and feature set, QA testing and bug maintenance, app translations, wire-framing and prototyping, etc. I also assisted the graphic designer in the development of the User Interface.

I was also responsible for uploading and launching the app on the Play Store and optimising this page for search. I also translated the app into 7 different languages and created various content types such as promo videos, videos tutorials, support documentation, etc, to assist user uptake.

Here is an example of a video tutorial I created for the mobile application.

trakax Press Releases

Another responsibility I was tasked with was to create regular press releases for the company. Below is a brief example of some these press releases.

This is only a small sample of work I created while at trakax.

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